Dr. Svetlana Kishchenko

Dr. Svetlana Kishchenko |Clyto Access

University of British Columbia

Advisory Board Member

Expertise: Global HIV/AIDS policy, Federal HIV strategy and policy response, Second generations surveillance for HIV/AIDS, Emerging infectious diseases

Biography: Dr. Svetlana Kishchenko is a public health physician and clinical faculty at the University of British Columbia, School of Population and Public Health (Vancouver, Canada). She has substantial and diverse experience in global health and public health including HIV prevention strategy and STDs control. Her background involves experience working with the United Nations, WHO office as HIV/AIDS policy advisor. She had completed several international postdoctoral fellowships and graduate fellowship at Boston University. Also, she has had extensive experience and leadership in medical cooperation in Northeast Asia and the Russian Far East and records of achievement of established international partnerships in Asia - Pacific region. Her background has also included primary health care strategic planning, project management, consulting to WHO, government, health services and public health organizations. ,

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