Dr. Swapan Kumar Datta

Dr. Swapan Kumar Datta |Clyto Access

Former, Vice Chancellor, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, Deputy Director General (Crop Science), ICAR

Keynote Speaker


Biography: Dr. Swapan Kumar Datta (born 28 January 1953) is a well known scientist (Professor) of rice biotechnology. He is well known for his pioneering research on genetic engineering of Indica rice. Dr. Datta has demonstrated the development of genetically engineered Indica rice from protoplast derived from haploid embryogenic cell suspension culture. Golden Indica Rice with enriched Provitamin A and Ferritin rice with high iron content were developed by his group with a vision to meet the challenges of malnutrition in developing countries. Prof. Swapan Datta has been named as one among the top 25 Indian scientists from all fields of science by India Today.

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