Dr. V.S. Chandrasekaran

Dr. V.S. Chandrasekaran |Clyto Access

CIBA, India

Organizing Committee Member


Biography: Dr. V.S. Chandrasekaran has been working as Principal Scientist, Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), India. He had received PhD in Marine Biology in 1987 in Annamalai University. His research findings include Taxonomy of stomatopods of Porto Novo coast, Assessment of prawn seed resources along the coastal Kerala and karnataka states, Edible oyster and green mussel spat-fall at Porto Novo region, Prawn and fish seed resources investigations and artisanal fishery in Pichavaram mangrove area. He has organized 25 conferences and seminars. He was awarded with Best Paper Award for the Paper titled “Relationship Between Plankton And Finfish And Shellfish Juveniles In Pichavaram Mangrove Waterways, Southeast Coast Of India” presented in the National symposium on Recent Trends in Marine Algal Research in India, Annamalai University, 27th -29th December 1999, “ K.Chidambaram Memorial Annual Award – 2008” for his contribution in Fisheries Extension by the “Fisheries Technocrats Forum”, Chennai on 14th June 2008 And  “ICAR AWARD” for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research in Agricultural and Allied Sciences  2011-2012 awarded on 29th July 2014 in the ICAR Award Ceremony, ICAR, New Delhi for the team work in the DBT funded project “Diversification of livelihood options among women self help groups through brackishwater aquaculture technologies”  (April 2007-September 2010) CIBA, Chennai as Co-Investigator. 

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