Dr. Wasantha Rathnayake

Dr. Wasantha Rathnayake |Clyto Access

University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Advisory Board Member



R.M. Wasantha Rathnayake is a Professor attached to the Faculty of Management Studies, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. At present he is the Dean of Faculty of Management Studies. Wasantha Rathnayake completed his PhD in Environmental Economics and Masters in Forestry and Environmental Management. He is a Wildlife Expert and obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Wildlife Management. His research interests lie in the area of coastal conservation, environmental economics, plant ecology, natural resources management, protected area planning, tourism/recreation management etc. Wasantha Rathnayake has published more than 60 research papers including abstracts and articles in hi-indexed and peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and magazines. In addition he has written two book chapters in Environmental Economics for the books to be published by Cambridge Press and Apple Publishers in USA. He has served as a steering committee member and a consultant at many different national level environment related committees and projects.

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