Dr. Yuri Rzhanov

Dr. Yuri Rzhanov |Clyto Access

Research Professor, University of New Hampshire,USA

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Signal and image processing and analysis, Underwater optical sensing, Automatic monitoring and classification of aquatic habitats

Biography: Dr. Rzhanov's research interests are in the signal and image processing and analysis. Specifically, underwater optical sensing, probabilistic reconstruction of object’s color in attenuating media, 3D reconstruction of scenes, automatic monitoring and classification of aquatic habitats, estimation of species abundance, classification of seafloor facies from acoustic backscatter. After defending PhD thesis on nonlinear self-organization phenomena in solid state materials, he worked on numerical modeling of nonlinear effects in lasers, development of interactive educational software, and 2D and 3D signal processing. Currently, Dr. Rzhanov is a Research Professor at the Center of Coastal and Ocean Mapping, UNH, and is working on classification of marine habitats by means of optical sensing.

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