Dr. Zhenghe John Wang

Dr. Zhenghe John Wang |Clyto Access

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Cancer mutations, Molecular mechanisms, colorectal tumorigenesis

Biography: Dr. John Wang received his bachelor degree from Sichuan University in China and his Ph.D. from University of Virginia in 2001. He was a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Bert Vogelstein in the Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University. He joined Case Western Reserve University as an assistant professor in 2005. His research program focuses on elucidation of molecular mechanisms by which mutations of PIK3CA and protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor T (PTPRT) drive colorectal tumorigenesis. His laboratory also attempts to develop novel approaches to target cancers with those mutations. In this regard, he recently discovered that PIK3CA mutant colorectal cancers are dependent on glutamine to grow. Preclinical data suggest that targeting glutamine metabolism may be an effective approach to treat colorectal cancer patients harboring PIK3CA mutations.,

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