Dr. Zubaida M N Alismaili

Dr. Zubaida M N Alismaili |Clyto Access

Division Head , SEHA Dialysis Services, Dubai


Expertise: Kidney transplantation


Dr. Zubaida Masoud Nasir Alismaili is the Division Head of Paediatric Nephrology & DCEO in SEHA Dialysis Services. She joined Zayed University Executive Masters in Health Care Administration in June 2011. On August 2013 she was promoted to be the deputy CEO of SDS.



Title: Pediatric kidney transplantation in UAE


End Stage Renal Diseases kidney disease is a devastating condition that has a major impact on the patients, caregivers and the healthcare system.  A successful Kidney transplantation is the best treatment for children with End Stage Renal Disease, but it has not always been easy.  Although the general concepts of kidney transplantation in pediatrics are similar to adult, key important differences makes is more difficult. Regional challenges has negative impacts on the  outcomes but the prognosis of children with End Stage Renal disease has significantly improved in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi after the introduction Pediatric living related Kidney in 2010.  

The aim of the presentation is to address:

1) These key differences to include the below fields:
- ESRD causes in children 
- Timing of transplantation 
- Pre-transplant evaluation 
- Post-operative challenges
- Long term complications

2) Regional challenges

3) Kidney transplantation outcome in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi


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