Dr.Xu Zhengyu

Dr.Xu Zhengyu |Clyto Access

PetroChina Hangzhou Research Institute of geology, China


Expertise: Marine Geology

Biography: Dr.Xu Zhengyu has Graduated from the Northwestern University in 1987, worked in Jianghan Oilfield Research Institute of Hubei province. During 1990 and 1997, he has successfully completed 6 oilfield production projects. During1998 to 2002, he  studied at Northwestern University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Changsha Tectonic Research Institute for engineering master and Ph.D. Entering the Hangzhou Research Institute of geology after 2002 August, he mainly engaged in selected play and evaluation of research work of hydrocarbon in marine residual basin and continental middle and small basin of South China, have accomplished more 10 projects, received 8 scientific research achievement awards , published more than 15 papers, won the award 6 times. He attended academic exchanges for many times in overseas and domestic, Visited Australia's Saline Lake Research Center, University of Alberta , University of Waterloo, Denver USGS, University of Utah, Colorado School of mines, Austen school of California University etc. He attended “Unconventional Hydrocarbon Plays in Asia” 15-16 March 2012, Singapore, Park Royal on Beach Road.


Title: Lower Paleozoic organic rich shale in the Yangtze Continental block sedimentary characteristics and controlling factors of the distribution of shale gassweets


To investigate controlling factors of the distribution of Paleozoic shale gassweets in YBC(Yangtze Continental Block). We systematically collected and compiled large data sets of organic-rich shales for the Lower Cambrian Niutitang Formation and Upper Ordovician Wufeng-Lower SilurianLongmaxi Formation, searched for the organic-rich shales development and distribution characteristics in theYBC,and the depositional model. Regional reconstruction of paleogeography and correlation between different regions show that YBCwas passive continental margin during the early Paleozoic and peripheral foreland during early Silurian.Niutitang shale were deposited in a passive continental margin environment,the upwelling nutrient flow and anoxic eventsin complex depositional model is interpreted for the depositional model of Lower Cambrian shale in YBC,organic-rich thick shale was mainly developed in the southeastern margin of YBC deep water shelfto slope facies. Ordovician Wufeng-Lower Silurian Longmaxishales were deposited in the Caledonian orogenicfront of the periphery foreland environment, organic-rich thick shales was mainly developed in in the anoxic intra-shelf low setting in southeastern margin of the Upper to middle YBC. According to strata sedimentary records and structural trace, shales burial and uplift history of the comprehensive analysis, put forward transformation of the weakest synclinorium is YBC marine shale gas is most advantageous to save area, clear in southeastern Sichuan Basin are favorable exploration areas, Zhaotong demonstration zone in northern complex to slant stack area (Jianwu, QinglongXuyong, Gulin synclines) enrichment, the most easy to form shale gas sweets, and the tectonic transfer zones and belts of high shale gas wells is the most concentrated regulation. Through combing Sichuan and Chongqing demonstration zone of shale gas yielding layer characteristics and sweets distribution characteristics, combining well logging and seismic data, established Zhaotong demonstration shale gas reservoir identification mark and the sweets prediction method, 3D seismic fine interpretation and reservoir property inversion based on has been comprehensively established Huangjinbaconstructing area built 3D geological model in the region, to predict a sweet.Through Zhaotong demonstration zone of Wufeng - LongmaxiFormationunder shale gas layer group division and contrast, by combined production testing well lithology, physical, containing gas and the pressure in gas reservoir of the longitudinal variation, Wufeng -Longmaxishalesis divided into two sets of gas reservoir bythe Guanyinqiao limestone layer at the top of Wufengshale, the overall to the Longmaxishale gas reservoir exploitation effect is the best. Combined with the Zhaotongdemonstration zone of Wufeng - Longmaxi rich organic shales fault and fracture development characteristics and horizontal shale gas well drilling effectiveness analysis, pointed out that the high conductivity fracture is demonstration area of horizontal well trajectory design and optimization of the important basis and along with high conductivity fracture high angle degree direction intersecting the layout has the best effect, thus optimizing design the Huangjinbaconstructing area in northeastern sweet well track direction.


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