Fadia Doumani

Fadia Doumani |Clyto Access

Middle East and North Africa Region, Lebanon

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Diabetes Education and Diabetes Care


Ms. Fadia Doumani is one of the pioneers in Diabetes Education in the Middle East & North Africa. Since 1994 she offers related services to health regulators/authorities, healthcare institutions, scientific societies, international organizations, pharma/medical device companies and universities. The wide range of her support in the MENA region included development of national strategy and action plans, education programs/manuals/material and tools, awareness/Media campaigns; Capacity building for more than 1500 professionals working in private and government healthcare setting; Community health projects; Initiation/participation in behavioral/clinical studies, participation in international congresses and academic research in Lebanon. In addition, Mrs. Doumani founded, developed and managed respectively the WHO National NCD Program - Diabetes Section in Lebanon, the Education Departments at the Chronic Care Center (unique specialized Center for Type 1 Diabetes in Lebanon), Roche Diabetes Care -MEA countries and Eli Lilly -NE & Gulf countries. Ms. Doumani holds BS Nursing, a Certificate in Training of Trainers in Therapeutic Education from the Diabetes Education Study Group (DESG) and an MBA in Health Management.


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