Fausto Freire

Fausto Freire |Clyto Access

Assistant Professor, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Industrial Ecology, Urban Waste Management

Biography: Fausto Freire is an assistant Professor at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, with research and teaching focusing on the emerging field of Industrial Ecology. He coordinates the Center for Industrial Ecology (http://www2.dem.uc.pt/CenterIndustrialEcology/). Member of the coordination committee of the Energy for Sustainability initiative. Faculty at the MIT-Portugal program and MIT visiting Scholar. Member of the International Society for Industrial Ecology. Member of the Ecoinvent Editorial Board; executive committee of the Ibero American Life-Cycle network (Portugal representative).Prof. Freire's research and teaching focuses on the development and application of life-cycle models to enhance the sustainability of products, energy and waste systems. He has developed a novel approach (LCAA) integrating Life Cycle Assessment and economic optimization models. He has studied several products and systems, including bioenergy, buildings, eco-design, food and agricultural systems, urban waste. Prof.Freire is co-author of about 230 publications (book chapters, ISI articles and conference papers, H scopus index of 14).

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