Hanny Rosyida Arisna

Hanny Rosyida Arisna  |Clyto Access

University College London, UK

Poster Presentation

Expertise: Epidemiology


Hanny Rosyida Arisna is a master student at Health and Society: Social Epidemiology, University College London, with the scholarship from Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). Before taking this degree, Hanny got her medical doctor from Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University,Indonesia. Hanny was graduated as the best student and put interest in public health sector. Hanny has worked at district hospital in Indonesia for a year and found that the cause of disease was not merely because of biological factors, but social factors as well. As the result of her experience and curiosity, Hanny decided continuing study in Epidemiology.



Title: The Association between sense of taste and dementia : cross-sectional British Whitehall II study


In 2012, The World Health Organization (WHO) had revealed that dementia as a public health priority. There is no cure for dementia thus prevention becomes really crucial. There are some previous arguments that sense of taste can be used as early detection of neurodegenerative disorder. However, there is only limited number of research which investigates the link between sense of taste and dementia and the result was inconsistent. This study will be aimed to assess the association between sense of taste and dementia. Our study sample will be 5,632 participants aged 65-85 from British Whitehall II study phase 12 which had been collected in 2015-2016. A cross-sectional study is proposed in this study. The sense of taste as the exposure was measured by NHANES questionnaire while dementia was obtained by doctor diagnosis on ICD 10. Other variables will be adjusted such as age, demographic, socioeconomic position (occupation, education level, income), clinical events (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, stroke, Parkinson disease,) mental health and well-being (depression, mental disorder, cognitive decline) health behaviors (diet, smoking, alcohol drinking,physical activity) Data is being analysed by STATA. Logistic regression, chi-square test, and likelihood test ratio will be presented for statistical analysis. Since there is a limited study about the sense of taste and dementia, our study will contribute significantly to the enhancement of knowledge.


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