Mr. Adil Alomair

Mr. Adil Alomair |Clyto Access

Head of Business Development & Renewable Energy Sector, UAE

Keynote Speaker

Expertise: Renewable Energy


More than 15 years of experience in different senior positions with different business environments, investment, M&A, Renewable Energy, medical, military, R&D, science, industry & E-learning education. Adil created a new strategic growth to AEC by developing renewable energy sector that has a potential turnover above 200 Million US$ annually, Adil made several partnerships & alliances between AEC & international market leaders in several arenas. Eng. Adil now managing the non-organic growth sector in addition to renewable energy sector and that includes new investment, strategic partnerships, merge/acquisition & business development. Adil developed several new business opportunities that are considered as an organic & non-organic growth for AEC in different business segments such as energy, transportation, homeland security, IT, fiber optics, E-Helth…Etc. Currently; Adil working in Advanced Electronics Company "AEC" as head of non organic growth & renewable energy, leading non-organic business development & the strategic partnerships in energy arena. Adil represented AEC in several conferences & exhibitions as a speaker or panelist expert.

Title: New investment, strategic partnerships, merge/acquisition & business development in renewable energy sector.,

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