Mr. Fahad Delyem Alqahtani

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Imam university college of medecine, Saudi Arabia

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Title: Knowledge and attitude about sexually transmitted disease among youth in Saudi arabia


Introduction and objectives: Sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) are one of the most serious diseases among the world with high mortality rate especially human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS). Our study aims to explore the knowledge and attitude about STDs among the youth. 

Methodology: This cross sectional survey was conducted from august 1 to august 13 2016. Male and Female youth between 18and 25 years of age were invited to participate in the survey. Our study was performed using a standard web-based questionnaire using social media open to all Internet users consisting of questions and statements about STDs then we analyzed the data. 

Results: We received 5040 Responses to the survey. Out of these participants 3862 were females (76.6%) and 1178 were males (23.4%)with mean age 21.5, most of them were singles 4289 (85.1%).We noticed that most of respondents selected the internet (71.7%)as the main source of their knowledge about STDs followed by school, television, awareness campaigns, friends, health institutions and others respectively.In spite of (94.08%) knew that HIV/AIDS is an STD.only (43.61%) knew that herpes simplex virus (HSV) is an STD and only (31.03%) knew that Chlamydia is an STD. A high percent (93.1%) agreed that sexual intercourse transmits STDs. Only (59.6%) agreed that condom does not protect completely from STDs.To our surprises only (55%) considered themselves capable of protecting themselves against STDs. Sixty-nine percent of the participants want to know if they are already infected by one of these STDs and (31%) doesn't want to know.A (95.8%) of the participants agreed that STDs should be taught in schools, while (4.2%) disagreed. 
Conclusion:  In this study we noticed there is a lack in participant's knowledge regarding the types, mode of transmission and the ways of protections of STDs. We noticed the desire of young people to find out information about sexual transmitted diseases so we encourage starting awareness programs about sexual health and prevention of STDs among youth within the context of our religion and culture.


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