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Expertise: Maritime Domain Awareness


Now on contract to the US Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology (DHS S&T) as their subject matter expert (SME) for Maritime Domain Awareness and Commercial Earth Observation Space Systems, Guy is the former US Science & Technology Advisor for Maritime Domain Awareness (2003-2012) and creator of both space-based AIS & C-SIGMA, (Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness).  He also serves as the technical/academic advisor to the Multinational Maritime Security Center of Excellence. Guy has been involved in surveillance operations and systems in the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, industry, Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL) as well as the Department of Homeland Security and its operational elements. A retired naval officer, he served in hostile areas in 3 cruisers, 2 submarines and 6 reconnaissance aircraft, leading the introduction of both the Navy’s EP-3E & then the Air Force's RC-135W Rivet Joint III, the first 2 aircraft with mission-system computers, becoming the first person in history to be authorized to wear both Navy and Air Force wings at the same time. Also one of the first designated Navy Space Operations sub-specialists, he was the first person in the history of the Navy to be quadruple qualified. A civilian at JHU/APL for nine years, he was its liaison to the Naval War College 2000-2003, leading their effort directed by President Bush on 9/11 (literally) to create what became the National Strategy for Maritime Security and the creation of Maritime Domain Awareness within the US.A Distinguished Graduate of the NWC, he also earned a dual MBA/MS (high honors) in Management and Computer Information Systems from Bryant University.  He studied Systems Engineering at JHU.  He was awarded the Distinguished Career Service Award in 2012, and the US Geospacial Intelligence Foundation’s Individual Achievement Award in 2015.



Title: As 3 Global Commons Converge a New Paradigm Emergesin Space-Based Maritime Situational Awareness


In the 21st century it is widely recognized that there are four global commons where all nations of the world meet and interact, thus all nations have a stake in seeing that there is order in them.  Those four commons, in chronological order of creation, are:  Maritime, Air, Space, and Cyber.   Although most do not yet fully comprehend the fact, the leading edge technologies of two of those global highways, Space and Cyber, are rapidly converging and dramatically changing operations in many aspects of life on Earth.  This is especially true in the original commons, the maritime domain.  This paper lays out how unclassified space systems, starting with Satellite AIS (S-AIS), coupled with advancements in the handling and processing of large amounts of data in the cyber world, are providing the opportunity for substantially increased maritime situational awareness (MSA) for the good of all nations.As more and better Earth observation satellites are launched and data fusion / analysis systems capabilities expand, Space and Cyber have formed a very cost effective synergism. Intelligently applied it can make traditional terrestrial systems dramatically more effective, thereby saving substantial amounts of money.  This is especially true in the maritime domain and while it remains to be fully established exactly how far these saving will outweigh the cost of employing the space systems, many of us who have studied the subject believe this will be the case and the savings and improved efficiencies will more than pay for the space systems by a significant margin.  This hypothesis should be examined by the naval and national think tanks of the world as a matter of the first order.  The payoffs should be huge.


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