Mr. Mambanga Pfungwa

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University of Venda



Biography: Mr. Mambanga Pfungwa is presently pursuing his Ph.D in University of Venda at South Africa. ,


Title: Indigenous knowledge and health promotion. A case study of Pfura rural community in Mt Darwin District, Zimbabwe


Poor health intervention is the current century’s challenge that stares humanity in the eye resulting in intensive adverse health effects. This calls for a holistic approach which combines the called western based on science and traditional healing based on indigenous knowledge system (IKS). IKS will forever remain an integral part of the indigenous health practices in health fraternity as most of the health care practices in health care system are either directly or indirectly derived from indigenous practices. However despite the significant role played by IKS in the modern health practices there has been a low light for long time due to perceived antagonistic relationship that exists between herbal and conventional system practitioners, thus the thrust of this study is to determine the role of indigenous knowledge (IK) in the present health practices. The study will adopt a descriptive qualitative approach targeting the villagers and prominent alternative health practitioners (AHPs) in Ward 32 of Pfura rural community of Mount Darwin District wherein 80 villagers will be purposively sampled for ten focus group discussions (FGDs) and ten AHPs will be interviewed using the snowball sampling method. Ethical considerations will be ensured throughout the study. The collected data will therefore be analyzed thematically using Teschs’ method of data analysis and presented in themes and subthemes and all measurement of trustworthiness of findings will be ensured. It is envisaged that the findings of the study will indicate the role of IK in the present health care system including the strategies to secure IK from extinction. The study findings will therefore shed light on the recommendation of the use an importance of IK in health practices.


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