Mr. Miguel Matias

Mr. Miguel Matias |Clyto Access

CEO & Founder - Energy & Environment, London, United Kingdom

Keynote Speaker

Expertise: Energy & Environment


I love to take the "IM" from the IM-POSSIBLE.

Helping people to discover new "Impossible" Ideas and turn them into reality is what I have done as Management Consultant, as Executive Director at a Corporation or as Entrepreneur and CEO.

I have started as Management Consultant up to Senior Manager at Accenture and Deloitte Consulting helping major companies and institutions in Europe from the Financial Services, Government and Utilities sectors to design and implement the most complex integrated Strategy, IT and new Processes Programmes.

Leading the Innovation as Executive Director of a major Oil&Gas&Utility corporation (Galp Energia) was an honor and a hard task, launching an internal "Innovation Academy", leading relevant startups and programmes as CEO or Board Member, and introducing new technologies every quarter. But if I have to choose one I would remember the launch of the new Mobile Drivers Portal with Steve Balmer, former CEO of Microsoft, in Lisbon, something a lot of people thought it was impossible to happen.

After completing my MBA at AESE/IESE the most difficult "IM" was to become an entrepreneur and start Self Energy, that I was able to grow as CEO from 0 to €23M in 3 years and within 4 countries and projects in 3 continents. It has been a great journey with ups and downs that gave me a honor to be finalist at EY Entrepreneur of the Year and be invited to speak in conferences and lead projects all over the world, as a pioneer and senior expert in Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Smart City Programmes.

Other "IMs" were removed like launching and leading the Portuguese ESCO Association including all ESCO companies (big and small) or helping a group of Scouts from Portugal (Sintra) to develop and deliver a Volunteering project at a high-school in the north of Mozambique.



Title: How storage will benefit renewable energy and energy efficiency for Utilities, buildings , mobility and at home.


Currently, this world is inhabited by more than 5 billion individuals and is powered ultimately by solar energy. The food we eat and the oxygen we breathe comes from photosynthesis. Can we use this energy from the sun that indirectly powers our bodies to provide the energy we need to run our society?

Sustainable in this context means capable of supplying a growing population with energy without destroying the environment within which it is used. It must also include the ethics of using the earth's resources, particularly fossil fuels. It is completely unethical for us to squander the finite non replaceable resources of the planet in a one-time use without any accountability to future generations and our environment. Many countries are currently in the early stages of a renewable energy revolution.

However, as solar and wind-based generation capacities in electrical power networks soar, operators are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain grid stability and reliability. Two of the principal reasons for this are the short-term variability and low predictability inherent to renewable sources. Energy storage systems can address these issues and thus provide an important contribution to the evolution of the electrical power grid. However, energy storage can do even more than that: Placing energy storage strategically across utility fleets can also offer new ways to enhance the provision and pricing of electrical energy and associated services and provide a way to optimize the entire power system.


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