Mr. Mohamed Azaroual

Mr. Mohamed Azaroual |Clyto Access

French Geological, Survey France


Expertise: New technologoies for water, Energy, Environment

Biography: Mohamed AZAROUAL(53 years) is a Senior Geochemist – Scientific Program Leader at Water, Environment & Ecotechnologies in BRGM (French Geological Survey). He obtained his PhD at the University René Diderot, Paris 7, in 1993 on geothermal exchangers and his HDR (Accreditation to Supervise Research) in December 2014. His areas of scientific interest are the multiphase reactive transport modeling and mass and heat transfers between phases (water – gas – rock – “microorganisms”) in complex hygrogeological systems. He published more than 50 peer review papers with more than 200 oral and poster presentations in international conferences. He was invited as a Speaker, “Key Note Speaker”, and “Invited Guest” in different international conferences on the environment protection, water management, CO2 and energy storage in the underground. Currently, he is developing various industrial partnership projects at European and international (USA, Canada, Africa, Asia, Japan, Australia…) aimed mainly at initiating new concepts, new technologies for water, environment, energy, eco-technologies, circular economy, etc.He is the scientific responsible of BRGM – LBNL partnership (2007 – 2017). He is also the responsible of industrial partnership of BRGM in these domains.,

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