Mr. Mohammad M Alazaizeh

Mr. Mohammad M Alazaizeh |Clyto Access

university of Jordan, Jordan

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Heritage tourism, visitor management, heritage management, tourism planning, sustainable tourism, and tourist behavior and psychology


He is Present  department chair of university of Jordan.He did his Ph.D. on  Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (2014) in  Clemson University, USA.
Recent research has focused on understanding tourists’ experience at World Heritage Sites, crowding and carrying capacity in heritage sites, and value orientations and
heritage tourism management. Methods, tools, and concepts used in this research include normative theory, indicator and standards–based management frameworks (e.g., Visitor Experience and Resource Protection [VERP], Limits of Acceptable Change [LAC], and Visitor Impact Management [VIM] frameworks), visual simulations, surveys, and qualitative research techniques.

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