Mr. Musaab Abdelrahman

Mr. Musaab Abdelrahman |Clyto Access

Project Manager, GE Grid Solutions, Dubai, UAE.


Expertise: GE, Alstom, McDermott, Petrofac, ABB & Alfred KUHSE


Musaab Abdelrahman is an astute Energy professional with over 16 years of experience in Power Transmissions, Oil & Gas, Distributed generation & Energy efficiency sectors with well-known international Firms Like GE, Alstom, McDermott, Petrofac, ABB & Alfred KUHSE.

Currently associated with GE Grid Solutions as a Project Manager - Dubai – UAE. Musaab is the Founder of the (Rural Microgrids., a new born nonprofit organization that aims to increase the competency of the local African researchers, students and renewable energy professionals in the field of rural electrification and distributed generation. This is achieved by means of enhancement of training programs, Students mentoring support (part of the International Support Network for African Development-ISNAD mentoring initiative), and provision of free design /cost analysis consultation to the rural electrification projects. The organization will target East and Central Africa, focusing on the following countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Central Africa, Uganda, Djibouti, Eritrea & Ethopia.

Musaab holds a bachelor’s degree of Science in Electrical Engineering from Sudan University for Science and technology and Master’s degree in Energy from Heriot Watt University (UK). For his Master Thiess Musaab studied the Microgrid role on Electrification of the rural areas in Africa taking his country (Sudan) as an example and used HOMER software for simulation to proof the business case for utilization of the available renewable energy resources across the country in Rural Electrification programs. The study covered three sites, a typical off grid village where he had explored the use of hybrid system of biogas Genset (generated from Cow dungs) along with PV array to secure continuous and 100 % renewable power supply to the village. While in a private farm, a system of PV array and small Genset had been selected, proofing that the hybrid systems have better net present cost compare to the 100% renewable system up to certain load profile level. In the third site Musaab worked with a local telecom company to explore the use of wind turbine along with the DC Genset to replace the traditional two diesel AC genset used to power the telecom RTUs.

Musaab is an active member of Energy institute in UAE, International Support Network for African Development (ISNAD), PMI, Sudanese Engineering council and newly member of Power for All & light the world organizations.


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