Mr. Roshan T Ramessur

Mr. Roshan T Ramessur |Clyto Access

University of Mauritius


Expertise: Ocean acidification, Marine biogeochemistry and submarine groundwater discharge

Biography: Roshan T Ramessur , Associate Professor  at the Faculty of Science, University of Mauritius. His research interests and publications include  in the field of Ocean Acidification, Marine Biogeochemistry and  Submarine Groundwater Discharge. Recent Projects carried out in Ocean related projects were under IAEA-UNESCO, MRC, The Ocean Washington, D.C and U.S State Department Funding. He has been lead trainer under RECOMAP- EU and has participated in a number of conferences and workshops in the Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America. He recently co-ordinated the ApHRICA project to revolutionize ocean acidification understanding in Africa using cutting edge iSAMIocean pH sensors under the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network. This is groundbreaking because of the regional capacityand  importance to study OA is foundational for ensuring our food security futures.,

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