Ms. Deepeeka Kaullysing

Ms. Deepeeka Kaullysing |Clyto Access

PhD Student, University of Mauritius

Poster Presentation

Expertise: Marine biology, Morphological and molecular characterization of marine molluscs

Biography: Deepeeka Kaullysing is an academic at the Department of Marine and Ocean Science, Fisheries and Mariculture, Faculty of Ocean Studies, University of Mauritius. She is also registered as an MPhil/PhD student at the Faculty of Science, University of Mauritius since February 2016. Her current research area is morphological and molecular characterization of marine molluscs in the coastal waters of the Republic of Mauritius. She also work on marine molluscs associated with coral reefs. She had been granted the Mauritius Research Council Postgraduate Award for pursuing her MPhil/PhD research. She hold a Master’s degree in Marine Science with specialization Marine Biology from Goa University, Goa, India under the Commonwealth Scholarship/Fellowship.,

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