Ms. Rabeeha M.Jebur

Ms. Rabeeha M.Jebur   |Clyto Access

University of Basrah, Iraq


Expertise: Marine Biotechnology


Ms. Rabeeha M.Jebur completed her M.Sc. in Biotechnology at Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, India.Currently, she is working as the assistant lecturer at the Marine Science Centre, University of Basrah, Iraq. Presently she is working on Genetic diversity of  Metapenaeus species from different environmental  locations  using mitochondrial cytochrome b gene, Molecular phylogenetic analysis and DNA Barcoding for all available Penaeidae species in Iraqi waters using RFLP markers and mitochondrial Coi gene, Genetic variation among Ompok bimaculatus, Clupisoma sinensis, Labeo rohita and Puntius sophore fishes from Jaikwadi and Vishnupuri Dams, from Godavari river in system using mitochondrial Cytochrome b gene.


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