Ms. Sylvia Jagerroos

Ms. Sylvia Jagerroos |Clyto Access

Environmental Resource Management, Malaysia


Expertise: Marine habitat assessments, Environmental management


Sylvia Jagerroos is a Senior consultant with ERM and she has over fifteen years’ experience assessing a wide range of marine environment and has in depth knowledge of sensitive marine habitat assessments. Sylvia has undertaken a wide range of decommissioning project in South East Asia:  she drafted the BPEO manual for DMF in Thailand, where she also recently undertook the first decommissioning study with Chevron and in New Zealand. She worked closely with the authorities to undertake the first Comparative assessment related to decommissioning. She has also designed and led other studies , Rigs to reef studies, Reefing studies, Policy framework reviews, and Environmental mangement plans in countries like Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand. 



Title: Potential Environmental Impacts from Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas facilities in South East Asia


Decommissioning is becoming more common and there are many ways of removing of offshore facilities and new technologies are under continual development. Which methods are applicable to any individual facility will depend on a range of factors including the distance from shore, complexity of the removal operations as well as safety considerations for workers, environmental impacts and regulatory requirements. These local circumstances may vary in time and as such, there are a wide range of options available and there tend to be many permutations on each basic approach before accomplishing a successful strategy to undertake these activities in an environmentally effective, efficient and equitably safe manner not only for the operators and the regulatory authorities but for the physical and biological surroundings.


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