Muhammad Jamal ud Din Ahmed Qureshi

Muhammad Jamal ud Din Ahmed Qureshi |Clyto Access

Lecturer, International Islamic University, Islamabad

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Occupational Health & Safety in Working Environment

Biography: Muhammad Jamal ud Din Ahmed Qureshi is an Environmental Expert with a Master’s &Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences. He has over 8 years of experience in Management systems (EIA/IEE’s, EMMP’s, Environment, Social, Energy and Health & Safety, EMS, Food Safety & Management). He Collaborated as an Individual Consultant with International Funded organizations; USAID, Chemonics International Inc., United Nations, providing Consultancy services on relevant Projects.Also providing consultancy/Advisory services in the field of Environmental Impacts Assessment (EIA) & Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) to local and multinational organizations; Environmental Management Consultants (EMC), & Sustainable Business Solutions (SBS). 

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