Neil Wallace

Neil Wallace |Clyto Access

P2i, Abingdon UK


Expertise: Nano-scale coatings


Neil graduated with a MPhys from Bath University in 2012 and is now a research scientist at P2i.P2i is a startup technology company which has become the leader in nano-scale coatings for protecting consumer electronics such as smartphones and Bluetooth headsets from corrosion due to exposure to water and other liquids. Neil has been part of the P2i team that has developed different coatings aimed at providing various levels of water protection for electronic devices. In addition, Neil has been focussed on the development of PECVD systems for mass production of these coatings.



Title: Plasma deposited nano-coatings for corrosion prevention in electronic devices


It is a well known fact that electronics and water do not mix. Condensation, rain, sweat, and spills all pose a significant threat to the performance of electronic devices. Manufacturers need cost-effective methods to protect devices from water damage without compromising the product design. Plasma deposited hydrophobic and barrier coatings developed by P2i provide a nano-scale solution to this problem. P2i originated out of technical research carried out by Dr Stephen Coulson sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defence. The technology is based on a gas-phase process which ensures coverage over complex 3D structures, including hidden areas which cannot be protected using standard conformal coatings. The hydrophobic nature of the coatings encourages liquids to bead-up and roll-off, thus reducing the chances of corrosion. The use of nano-scale coatings also minimises the effects of heat retention, which can cause problems with the more traditional thicker coatings and mechanical seals. In this presentation, we will describe the plasma nano-coating processes and show how they can be used in high-volume production environments. Case studies will demonstrate the reliability improvements that can be achieved in a range of electronic products


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