Prof. Miklas Scholz

Prof. Miklas Scholz |Clyto Access

Lund University, Sweden

Organizing Committee Member


Biography: Miklas Scholz, is Prof. in Water Resources Engineering at Lund University, Sweden. He also holds the Chair in Civil Engineering at The University of Salford, UK. He is a Professor and the Head of the Civil Engineering Research Group in Salford. Moreover, Miklas is a Distinguished Professor at Johannesburg University. He has published three books and 219 journal articles. Since 2009, he tops the publication list in terms of numbers for all members of staff at The University of Salford. Prof. Scholz is an Editor, Sub-editor and Editorial Board member (no double counting) of 20, 7 and 67 journals, respectively. Miklas has a currently active income of usually £400,000. His income over the past six years is typically £1,700,000. This includes research and other grants, and consultancy.

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