Professor Laserina O Connor

Professor Laserina O Connor  |Clyto Access

University College Dublin, Ireland

Keynote Speaker



Laserina is a Joint Chair of Clinical Nursing at University College Dublin (UCD), the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital (MMUH) and St Vincent’s Healthcare Group (SVUHG). Laserina O Connor is a registered advanced nurse practitioner (RANP) and registered nurse prescriber (RNP) in pain management. She studied Advanced Practice at the University of Pennsylvania, USA and received her PhD from the European Institute Medical Health Sciences, University of Surrey, UK. She is the Director of the MSc Advanced Pain Management /Prescriptive Authority Program, Diploma Pain Management, a Professional Certificate in Pain Management, a CPD ‘Evidence Based & Research Champions’ ’ and a Diploma in Diabetes Nursing at University College Dublin. Laserinashares clinical pearls and research on pain management issues and clinical judgment via peer-reviewed publications, clinical research projects and at national and international conferences. She is currently involved in three national pain research projects and a national metrics project.


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