Rashid AL Noori

Rashid AL Noori |Clyto Access

Chairman, Business Travel & Atlantis Holidays, UAE

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Rashid AL Noori is holding the position of the Chairman of AL Noori Group of Companies since 2006.

Mr. AL Noori did his Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Miami, USA and have done Aviation Management Diploma from Gulf Air. His passion for aviation made him a Pilot holding commercial pilot license from Burn-side, USA. In addition to his flying skills, he is also recognized as a distinct ‘pilot persona’ by the experts in the aviation Industry.

He completed his Business Process Management from the Organization of IATA and got qualified on Strategic Leadership Management Diploma from University of Stanford, USA.

He is an active Member of International Organizations including but not limited to:

• Member of IATA – London & Emirates
• Member of Airline organizations Affairs, London
• Member of World Tourism Organization, London
• Member of Organization of travel agencies, Dubai, Sharjah, & Abu Dhabi

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