Raundal Rajeshwari Maharu

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K.K. Wagh College of agriculture, India



Biography: R. M. Raundal is currently working as Assistant Professor in K.K. Wagh College of agriculture, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. She has done her MSc in Agricultural Statistics.


Title: Effect of different mulching and different irrigation scheduling on marigold crop

Abstract: In India, agriculture plays an important role for development in food production and for various uses also. A field experiment was conducted to study the marigold productivity under drip irrigation with polyethylene mulching at Puriya Park, Nashik during Feb 2017 to May 2017. The experiment was laid out in split plot design with three treatments which included two irrigation levels (100 % and 80 %,) with polyethylene mulch. Crop water requirement was calculated by using daily pan evaporation data. Crop water requirement was observed highest in May. Irrigation was scheduled at two days interval. Plant height and number of branches were measured at 15 days interval in entire base period. The study indicated higher plant growth, more number of flowers per plant and enhancement in the yield under all drip irrigation with plastic mulch. Yield of marigold was maximum in the treatment of drip irrigation at 100 % ET with mulching (184.88 q/ha) and also found maximum with the treatment of drip irrigation at 80% ET without mulching (176.69 q/ha). Height of plant was observed highest in plastic mulching with 100% irrigation treatment. Highest weed weight was observed in control treatment of 100 % ET without mulch and negligible weed growth was found in plastic mulching treatment.

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