Sadegh Aliakbarlou

Sadegh Aliakbarlou |Clyto Access

Civil Engineer, New zeland


Expertise: Engineering & disaster risk management, Whole life cycle value assessment, Contractual relationship management


Sadeghworked as a Chartered Civil Engineer and Senior Construction Project Manager in several cities of Iran and New Zealand.Sadegh did his BS and MS (Civil engineering) in Iran. He is finalizing a PhD at The University of Aucklandin New Zealand, supervising by Professor Suzanne Wilkinsonwho is a Director of Centre for Disaster Resilience and a Group Leader of Construction Management Group.Sadegh joined The University of Auckland as a PhD student in 2012, and works on the management of the contractual relationship values in post disaster reconstruction. Hehas beenalso a tutor for Master degree courses such as Civil Engineering Administration,Engineering Risk Management, and Disaster Risk Management since 2012.

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