Seda Ersus Bilek

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Associate professor



Biography: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Seda Ersus Bilek, Ph.D, MSc., B.Sc, is an expert in food processing technologies especially in fruit andvegetable processing, non thermal technologies such as pulsed electrical field, supercritical fluid extraction, vacuumimpregnation techniques. She is a member of International Society of Food Engineering and Chambers of Food Engineers. She has plenty editorial and review missions in national and international journals. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seda Ersus Bilek started her academic carrier in Ege University, Turkey and continued in California University, Davis as a Post doc in 2008-2009. She has managed to lead one PhD student thesis and 7 MSc student thesis successfully. In addition to that, currently she supervises 7 MSc student and 2 PhD student thesis in Ege University. She also gives lectures about food processing for vegetable and fruits, computer programming, polymer application in food packing. She has more than 50 articles both in national and international journals which provide precious information and more than 40 presentation and posters in congresses. She also wrote 3 book chapters about non-thermal technologies in food engineering; fruit juice production and health promoting effects.

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