Steven L. Wagner

Steven L. Wagner |Clyto Access

Associate Professor, UC San Diego school of medicine, USA

Keynote Speaker



Steven Wagner earned his MS and PhD degrees in biochemistry from the University of Louisville School of Medicine and did post-doctoral training in microbiology and molecular genetics and UC Irvine College of Medicine.

He then served as Director of Biochemistry at the Salk institute Biotechnology/Industrial Associates, Inc., followed by a position as Chief Scientific Officer at Neurogenetics, Inc./TorreyPines Therapeutics, Inc. In 2009 he joined UC San Diego's Department of Neurosciences, where he currently is an associate professor and principal investigator. Dr. Wagner's research focuses on the discovery, design and preclinical development of therapeutic small molecules known as gamma-secretase modulators (GSaMs). These drug-like small molecules are aimed at preventing and/or delaying the buildup of specific neuropathological lesions known as neuritic plaques that are invariably abundant in the brains of both patients with Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease.


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