Vudriko Baga Tobias

Vudriko Baga Tobias |Clyto Access

Head of Serology Lab, MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS

Organizing Committee Member


Biography: Tobias Vudriko started working with MRC/UVRI in February 1999 as medical Laboratory technologist. He pioneered the setup of serology and molecular biology sections of the CDLS department. He has BSc PH (IHSU), DMLT (MUK), DMA (CTC-UK), and is due to be awarded APGDCR-QA (JIL-India). His interest is to pursue higher medical and health research training through applied integration of genomics, molecular epidemiology and preventive medicine. He is very optimistic that, the applied integration would significantly contribute to alleviating Global health problems and bridging the ‘10/90 gap’.

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